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OxygenOS 13 ClosedBeta Recruitment Started For Oneplus 10 Pro India Users – Apply Here

OxygenOS 13 ClosedBeta Recruitment Started For Oneplus 10 Pro India Users – Apply Here

Oneplus Has already started ColorOS 13 Closed Beta Recruitment. Now Oneplus has Announced and asked Oneplus 10 Pro indian users to Apply for highly Anticipated OxygenOS 13 Closed Beta Testing. Interested Oneplus 10 Pro users  can Apply and share valuable feedback to the software team. 

Here is Official Post –

A piece of good news to share with you, the Closed Beta Test for the OnePlus 10 Pro is starting now!

We are looking for the OnePlus 10 Pro Indian users to experience OxygenOS 13 in advance, and, by submitting feedback and sharing your suggestions, help us improve everyone’s software experience. If you are using the Indian OxygenOS version on the OnePlus 10 Pro, and love testing new software, now is the time to join.

The Closed Beta Program offers us an opportunity to listen to your feedback and refine or revise our product strategy based on it. To make sure the OxygenOS 13 stable build will be available to all of the users as early as possible, we changed the CBT strategies on all of the OxygenOS 13 CBT programs. Different from the previous long-term CBT, this will be a short-term Closed Beta Project (usually only a few builds are released), focusing on improving the upcoming OxygenOS 13 for the OnePlus 10 Pro.

For this program, we will invite 200 people who meet the requirements with an OnePlus10 Pro IN device to attend this Closed Beta Program. We also have rewards to thank the users who participate in the CBT with excellent performances.

Also worth noticing, this program will sometimes require flashing builds that require a clean flash, which means it will cause data loss. So it is highly recommended that you remember to save all your data all the time.

In order to be eligible, you need to meet the requirements below:

  1. You are using a OnePlus 10 Pro India variant
  2. You are an active OnePlus Community member
  3. You are willing to regularly communicate and report issues/suggestions to the OnePlus team on Telegram
  4. The CBT version is not the stable version, which is still in development. After updating to CBT version, you’ll remain to be patient and tolerate its instability and accept all risks which might be caused by it.

Meet these requirements? See yourself as a potential Closed Beta Tester? Go ahead and apply it in the link below. Let’s make our products better together.


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