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OxygenOS 13 Release Date &  OnePlus Device Eligibilty List

OxygenOS 13 Release Date & OnePlus Device Eligibilty List

OxygenOS 13 will launch alongside the OnePlus 10T in New York City on August 3. Their new operating system is committed to delivering the signature OnePlus fast and smooth experience with a refreshing design and enhanced safety. OxygenOS 13 retains OnePlus features you love, like our selection of always-on displays (AODs) and Zen Mode, with exciting optimizations and improvements.

The latest version of OxygenOS boasts a bevy of improvements to gaming, connectivity, and customization, to name a few. OxygenOS 13 will launch first on the OnePlus 10 Pro, followed by the OnePlus 10T later this year.

OxygenOS 13

OxygenOS 13 will be Announced along with OnePlus 10T on August 4th event .

But OnePlus 10T won’t release with OxygenOS 13 default.First it will release for OnePlus 10 Pro only… It will recieve Beta 1 of OxygenOS 13 probably in August month mostly. ❤️

Which OnePlus Device Gets OxygenOS 13?

OnePlus 10Pro –  Beta Expecting from Aug-2022

OnePlus 10T –  Beta Expecting from Oct-2022 

OnePlus 9 & 9Pro – Beta Expecting From Jan-2023

OnePlus 10R – Beta Experience From Dec- 2022

OnePlus 9rt – Beta Expecting from March – 2023

OnePlus 8, 8Pro, 8T & 9R – Beta Expecting from May-2023

OnePlus Nord 2 – June- 2023

OnePlus Nord Ce2 – June – 2023

OnePlus Nord CE 2 lite – June 2023

OnePlus Nord 2T – Beta Expecting in Jan-2023

Only these Smartphones and upcoming OnePlus devices if any are eligible to Get OxygenOS 13 Update.

It’s still Not confirmed by OnePlus whether OnePlus 7T & 7T Pro gets OxygenOS 13 Update or not


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