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OxygenOS May 2023 FAQ: Bug Fixes, Usage Guidelines, and Product Improvements



oxygenos faq may 2023

June 1, 2023: As May month draws to a close, OnePlus users eagerly anticipate the latest updates and improvements to OxygenOS, the operating system powering their devices. To address the community’s most pressing concerns, OnePlus has compiled a comprehensive FAQ for May, covering topics such as bug fixes, usage guidelines, and product enhancements. Read on for the latest information and solutions to commonly raised questions.

Front Camera Issue on OnePlus 7 Pro:

Q: Why do I face the Front Camera issue with my OnePlus 7 Pro?

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A: OnePlus acknowledges the feedback regarding the front camera issue on the OnePlus 7 Pro. After careful verification by our Research and Development team, it has been determined that this may be a general issue with the device. The OnePlus 7 Pro’s front-facing pop-up camera may experience hardware damage over an extended period of use. We recommend visiting an exclusive service center or contacting support to explore available options. Please refer to the support contact details provided for assistance.

System Update Notification Icon:

Q: How can I hide the OnePlus system update notification icon in notification groups?

A: OnePlus appreciates your feedback regarding the inability to delete the system resident notification in the latest version. We are actively working on optimizing this issue, and it will be addressed in a forthcoming update. We encourage users to stay tuned for update notices and ensure their devices are running the latest version of OxygenOS to benefit from the enhancements.

Android Auto Compatibility:

Q: Why does my OnePlus device fail to connect with Skoda Slavia via Android Auto?

A: The compatibility issue between certain Skoda Slavia vehicle versions and QCOM Android T is causing the connectivity problem. Our R&D team has verified this issue, and Skoda is expected to release an updated version in August that addresses the compatibility concern. OnePlus users are advised to keep an eye out for the update notice during that period.

Automatic Screen Refresh Rate Resets:

Q: Why does my phone reset the screen refresh rate by itself?

A: Several factors can contribute to the automatic resetting of the screen refresh rate on your OnePlus device. For instance, enabling power-saving mode or experiencing excessive heat can trigger the automatic reduction of the refresh rate. Additionally, certain applications might not support high refresh rates, leading to the phone switching to a default rate. Users should be mindful of these scenarios while using their devices.

YouTube App Pausing Issue:

Q: Why does the YouTube app suddenly pause while playing a video?

A: OnePlus is aware of this known issue, which arose after a recent update from Google Play on May 3rd. To address the problem, it is recommended to update the YouTube app to the latest version available. Users who continue to experience difficulties are encouraged to capture and submit their feedback logs using the feedback toolbox. In India, users can dial *#800# to access the “Feedback toolbox” and capture the battery function log. For other regions, OnePlus kindly requests users to submit a report via the provided form.

Pocket Mode Activation:

Q: How can I turn on/off Pocket Mode on my OnePlus device?

A: OnePlus appreciates your feedback regarding Pocket Mode. To enable or disable Pocket Mode, follow these steps: “Settings > Home screen & Lock screen > Pocket mistouch prevention.” Users can easily manage this feature through the mentioned settings.

App Cloner Configuration:

Q: How can I set up App Cloner on my OnePlus device?

A: OnePlus acknowledges your feedback and provides a solution for setting up App Cloner. Follow these steps: “Settings > Apps > App cloner > Advanced settings.” Users can install an application that supports “App Cloner” mode by following the provided instructions.


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