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Pixel 6 exclusive Magic Eraser feature for non pixel & other pixel phones

Pixel 6 exclusive Magic Eraser feature for non pixel & other pixel phones

When Google introduced us to the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, it was very proud of its Tensor-powered Magic Eraser photo-editing app, and we think it does a really good job in difficult situations, albeit you can tell how evident the healing patches are. In any event, most people haven’t been able to play with it because the shiny new devices are stranded on a ship somewhere in the sea. With that in mind, we’ve published a guide on how to utilise the Magic Eraser on any Android phone using a modified Google Photos APK.

Magic Eraser relies on the Pixel 6’s Tensor SoC, but it seems any substantial AI computational capacity can be used to some success here.

pixel 6 magic eraser feature

You can look into the Telegram posts yourself, then install and play with the APK (or roll your own way by using a Magisk tool and spoof your device as a Pixel) at your own risk.

magic eraser

How to Install : 

  • Download Google photos package : Download
  • Download SAI app : Download
  • Install SAI app & open, give necessary permissions
  • Inside SAI app tap install apks
  • Select internal file picker
  • Locate & Select Google photos zip file
  • Install and you are good to go.
  • For Rooted phones Pixel prop : Download

Note: This feature should work with every device with pixel prop, Without root, it will only work on Custom ROMs & other pixel phones. If you want to Install on Stock OS your device should be rooted & you need to flash the Pixel prop with Magisk.

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