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Realme is planning to launch 240 Watt Charging in the upcoming Flagship



realme 240w flagship smartphone

According to some leaks and rumors, the Realme GT Neo 5, the upcoming flagship, is going to come with 240 Watt new charging technology. This 240 Watt technology was first showcased by Oppo. According to some reports, the 240-watt charging technology in the Realme GT NEO 5 employs a universal Type-C charger that is directly connected to the dual-string battery pack by two charge pumps. After entering the mobile phone, the power is transformed into 10 volts and 24 amps with the aid of the power pump for excessive-voltage direct charging. The new battery era allows for superior charging, and the current of a single battery can reach 12 A.

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realme supervooc 240w charger

What about Safety?

If we talk about safety, the company customized the USB Type-C connector with a lower impedance to reduce contact resistance. The company used thicker wire cores to enable high-current and high-power power transmission. As we talk about safety, Realme also installed an E-Marker encryption chip in the terminal, and the encryption algorithm eliminates security risks such as hacker firmware.

realme 240 watt charging adapter

As said by Realme, this 240W super flash charging has five layers of security protection, including the power adapter, wire, and mobile phone security. With this 240 watt charger, Realme also uses an OLED flexible direct screen with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 + Gen 1 processor. The rear main camera is the Sony IMX890, which supports OIS (optical image stabilization).

This device comes in two variants: 150 W and 240 W. This product will debut in Q1 of this year.

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