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Rise and End of YouTube Vanced

Rise and End of YouTube Vanced

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Before telling you about Rise and End. First, we have to talk about YouTube Vanced.

What is Youtube Vanced?

Youtube Vanced is a modded and advanced version of Youtube which is open source. It was developed by Vanced Team. This app doesn’t have any type of ads. With an in-built Ad Blocker, it also has some additional features like dark mode, Picture in Picture Mode swipe control for brightness and volume control, the comeback of dislike button, etc. During Covid 19 Lockdown as the original Youtube Quality was limited to 1080p but Youtube Vanced provides 2160p Quality. After Youtube Vanced, they also introduced Youtube Music Vanced as like Youtube Music which also gives you an ad-free experience. The last version of this app was launched in February 2022.


What happens to Youtube Vanced Now?

The Vanced team announced that they are shutting down Youtube Vanced on 13 March 2022 after they received a cease and desist letter from Google. Even after this, the app is working fine. The sad thing is we don’t have new updates and features in the app. But from the last 2-3 weeks, the Vanced users are saying that they are unable to use the app as they got this error.

Yt vanced error

As the version of YouTube Vanced is 1 year old. No new update for the app. That’s why users got this error. But the main question is,

Why did Google send Cease and Desist Letter?

It is due to these reasons

  • Ad-free experience: YouTube Vanced provides users with an ad-free experience for which Youtube has Youtube Premium Subscription. It also provides Picture in Picture Mode and dislike button.
  • Due to privacy: Most of the users download it from third-party websites. Which can lead to privacy.
  • Loss of Google and Youtube Creators: Due to Youtube Vanced, users shifted from the Official YouTube app to YouTube Vanced which affects the Earning from Ads of the YouTube Content Creators and Youtube.
Should I use YouTube Vanced?

If you ask me then I’ll suggest you don’t use it. As it has privacy issues and it was an old version of YouTube. My suggestion is to use the official Youtube app which was provided by Google in Play Store.

You can use Youtube Premium as it also you an ad-free experience. Youtube Premium has Family plans, Student Plan, and Individual Plan.

Youtube premium plan Youtube premium plan

But Google has to work on its Ads Policy. As of now, while playing a Youtube video, non-Premium users have to see 2 ads that are unskippable. Previously it was only 1. The skippable ads are very few if we compared them to the unskippable ads. Also, Google also has to implement new features like showing how many users use dislike button, and swipe control for brightness and volume which we get in Youtube Vanced.

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