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Rollback/Downgrade Packages for Every Oneplus Device from OxygenOS 12 to OxygenOS 11

Rollback/Downgrade Packages for Every Oneplus Device from OxygenOS 12 to OxygenOS 11

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Recently Oneplus released OxygenOS 12 For every Smartphone Starting from Oneplus 7 series. So everyone are not liking the feel and vibe of OxygenOS 12. The best Option For downgrade is to use MSM unbrick tool. But not everyone has a PC or Laptop available.

So, Here we are giving all the official links of OxygenOS 11 rollback Packages For every Oneplus device to Easily downgrade from OxygenOS 12 

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Downgrade from OxygenOS 12 to OxygenOS 11

Rollback/Downgrade Links

Oneplus 9 Pro 

Oneplus 9 

Oneplus 8 

Oneplus 8 Pro

Oneplus 8T

Oneplus 9R

Oneplus Nord 

Oneplus Nord 2

OnePlus Nord CE

Oneplus 9RT

Oneplus 7 

Oneplus 7 Pro 

Oneplus 7T 

Oneplus 7t Pro 

Keep in Mind these are official Links given by OnePlus in Oneplus forums. You can be assured that we didn’t do any Manipulation.

Steps to Rollback From OxygenOS 12 to OxygenOS 11

  • Download the File According to your Phone Variant
  • After Downloading the file If the Extension Of the file is ‘.zip.jar’ or ‘.jar’ , then Rename it to just ‘.zip’
  • Do not keep the file in any of the folders . Just keep it in internal storage . Otherwise System cant recognize the Zip
  • Now Download either Local Upgrade Apk or MyApplication2 Apk  
  • Install the App, Select Local upgrade then Select Downloaded package and Click Install
  • If the process is failed then try with different packages like  NA etc. 

If you cant understand Anything Watch this Rollback/Downgrade Example Video  

Happy Flashing!

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