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Telegram will Launch its Premium Subscription this Month

Telegram will Launch its Premium Subscription this Month

After WhatsApp, Telegram is one of the most frequently used messaging apps on the planet. Telegram, like WhatsApp, has over a billion downloads, an achievement that no one can deny. When the company first got on the scene, it told people that they would never be charged. However, that will change later this month when Telegram launches a Premium membership for users. This is everything you need to know about it.

Telegram Premium Info

Telegram’s existing features will continue to be available for free, according to Pavel Durov, the company’s creator. Durov stated in an official statement that Telegram would be unable to remove all limitations in order to provide a better user experience since doing so would result in unmanageable server and traffic costs. As a result, the company is developing a Premium model for users who are willing to pay a small fee in exchange for extra features in the app.

Telegram Premium, according to Durov, is a subscription plan that allows users to gain access to more features, speed, and resources. Furthermore, users on the Premium plan will have access to the new features before the rest of the world.

Users should not be concerned, as existing functions will remain free, and the company will continue to introduce new features at regular intervals, according to Durov. Even users who do not have Telegram’s Premium plan will be able to benefit indirectly from it because they will be able to view media and stickers, as well as extra-large documents sent by Premium users.

According to Telegram, the key reason for charging users is to keep the focus on what they need rather than going to ads and losing sight of the consumers. Telegram would be able to keep its priorities clear with the Premium model. The premium model’s pricing information is currently unavailable. It’s also unclear whether the Premium subscription would be available in each country at the same time.

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