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The March update for the OnePlus 9 series promises improvement in photography

The March update for the OnePlus 9 series promises improvement in photography

Oneplus has begun rolling out OxygenOS 12 for the Oneplus 8, 8pro, 8T, and 9R. The update is around 800MB in size and includes Optimized desktop icons with enhanced texturing, as well as various enhancements to Dark mode, Shelf, Worklife balance, Gallery, CanvasAOD, and Bluetooth. Users on the Open Beta platform will be the first to receive this update, followed by those on the Stable platform.

With its announcement of a 2021 ColorOS merger, OnePlus irritated some of its ardent fan base. Following a botched first deployment, things only got worse, but since then, attempts have been made to resolve identified difficulties. Last week, the firm published a bug-fixing update for the OnePlus 9 series in order to address one of those concerns. The US was left out of the first launch owing to “country-related constraints,” but this is being addressed in a new version.

The March security patch is included in OxygenOS 12 C.47, as well as several difficulties with calls and messages. There’s also an improvement you should look at to boost your photo-taking efficiency.

OxygenOS 12 C.47

Oneplus 9 & 9 pro Changelogs of OxygenOS 12 C.47:

  • System
    • [Optimized] the stability of communication
    • [Fixed] the issue of the operator’s name displayed incorrectly
    • [Fixed] the low probability issue that unable to send MMS
    • [Improved] system stability
    • [Updated] Android security patch to 2022.03
  • Camera
    • [Optimized] the fluency of taking pictures
The update is now only available for download in Europe. According to the community thread, North America will get it shortly, and as is customary, it will start with a small percentage of users before expanding if all goes well.
Download OxygenOS 12 C.47:
Be aware that some users are experiencing issues with Google Pay as a result of the update. According to complaints, the app does not operate at all and returns an error message claiming that the phone is rooted when it is not. According to a staff employee, the culprit appears to be an expired Play Protect certification, which has been resolved. Despite this, user comments on the same topic indicate differently. The Google Pay issue isn’t affecting everyone, but if you do, emptying the Play Store’s cache and restarting your phone appears to be the solution.
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