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Twitter Circle, a clone of Instagram’s ‘Close Friends,’ Has Launched

Twitter Circle, a clone of Instagram’s ‘Close Friends,’ Has Launched

Twitter Circle is a new feature that allows you to share your tweets with a select group of people. This feature is being rolled out to some users as part of the microblogging site’s latest test. This follows last year’s attempt by Twitter to create another timeline for “Trusted Friends.” Here’s a breakdown of what’s going on.

Twitter Circle starts Testing on the Feature

Twitter will let users add up to 150 individuals to its small “Circle,” according to Twitter Safety’s Twitter handle, so you can choose who you want to share your tweets with.

It’s similar to how you may share stories and DMs with your Instagram “Close Friends.” If you are one of the select people who have access to Twitter Circle, you will have the same option as you do on Instagram, where you can choose your closest pals.

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