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Twitter Working on Status Feature called Vibes



twitter status feature vibes

Twitter is reportedly working on a new feature that will allow you to publish status updates on the platform, following its failed attempt to replicate Snapchat and Instagram Stories with Fleets. Twitter is still developing this function, dubbed “Vibes,” and is not yet available to everyone.

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Twitter Vibes to Update Status

According to Alessandro Paluzzi, a prolific app reverse engineer, it would offer a method for users to update their status on the web and mobile apps quickly. Paluzzi claims that you’ll be able to add status from the tweet composer box, implying that it may be part of a new tweet. If that’s the case, it’d be similar to the “Feeling/Activity” option on Facebook right now.

A different tweet, on the other hand, implies that Vibes may exist independently of a new tweet. Users would be able to update their statuses directly from their profile page if this option was available. That reminds me of the Instagram Threads app’s status feature, which has since been deprecated.

Surprisingly, it appears that you may also be able to join or learn about the status of others. This should let you connect with other users who are doing the same thing, at least in principle. Take a look at the user interface for that choice below:

At the time, that’s all we know about the Twitter Vibes status feature. Because the functionality isn’t even live by default on Twitter’s beta release channels, it’s safe to believe it’ll be released in the next several months.

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