RiceDroid Android 13! For Nothing Phone (1) - Customization King

Do you guys like to try out Android 13 on Nothing Phone 1 then this is a must try Android 13 Custom Rom.

Here are some of the features which you guys must know before Installing RiceDroid on Nothing phone 1.

On RiceDroid you Can enjoy many Fingerprint  Animations without having to root the device. Everything is pre-installed.

Along with fingerprint Animations, there are also many Fingerprint Icons On RiceDroid for Nothing Phone 1.

Developers have also added features like the Horizon light feature On RiceDroid for Nothing Phone 1.

On RiceDroid for Nothing Phone 1, we also get to see Taskbar which can be very useful in day-to-day usage.

The taskbar can come in handy when browsing device home screen applications remain on the screen for Quick Access.

On RiceDroid Developers also added the support of pitch Dark theme Instead of that grey Background.

If you are interested in Installing this Android 13 custom Rom on Nothing phone 1 then check the below link.