Disable Google dialer Call recording Announcement in smartphones having Stock Google dialer 

Google Dialer & Google Messaging app which also have some drawbacks for eg: IVR being played while recordings call

Call recording pre-announcement can be disabled using a simple apk called TTSLexx from the play store.

Call Recording is not legal that's why google doesn't allow it unless it is pre-announced during the call.

We can use the TTSLexx app from the play store and Change the preferred engine from Speech Services by Google

Take a backup of previous recording & Call history. If you guys prefer safety & privacy Ignore this method.

TTSLexx - The developer says this app doesn't share user data with other companies or organizations.

Once TTSLexx is Installed Now need to Clear Data of the Google phone dialer from the Google Dialer settings

Now dial ay number and start recording call & Enjoy Call recording without pre-announcement on Google dialer