The new Nokia 2660 Flip phone, which has a large display and other unique features from HMD Global, the company that makes Nokia smartphones, was introduced on Wednesday.

The Nokia 2660 is offered in black, blue, and red colour variants and priced Rs 4,699 in both online and offline retailers.

The most recent portfolio additions show HMD Global's dedication to guaranteeing that everyone can access innovation.

Seniors have always been massive supporters of our flip phones, but more recently, younger audiences have started to follow trends of feature phones.

A 1,450mAh battery inside the phone allows for hours of conversation time and weeks of standby.

The new Nokia 8210 4G, another phone in the series, with a huge display and modern features like a durable and elegant design.

Included features of the Nokia 8210 4G are a camera, wireless and wired FM radio, and an MP3 player.

It is made simpler and easier to use with an intuitive user interface and a camera to capture life's best moments.

#ClassicsCalling due to their user-friendly design, enduring durability, long battery life, and of course, stylish utility.