People these days have a tendency of constantly using their smartphones excessively and are growing addicted to them.

They are the ideal audience for Zen mode. However, what exactly is the Zen Mode and how does it operate?

OnePlus created Zen mode to help individuals in living without their phones so they could focus and practise meditation in a peaceful environment.

In this mode, everything on your phone will be locked and your device will freeze for a set period of time.

You can make or receive calls while taking images. When the zen mode is activated, the display will close.

This is a more advanced version of the Do not disturb mode, so to speak. which will keep you from becoming distracted and responding calmly.

The OxygenOS 13 Zen mode features a theme to help you discover inner calm, and if we exclude everything, then the Zen Mode aids in battery conservation by decreasing screen time.

Oneplus users can set this mode for a minimum of 1 minute and a maximum of 120 minutes. This mode might help one feel focussed and focused.

while working or living a non-technological life. The Zen mode in OxygenOS 13 will be more user-friendly and superior than early versions.