OxygenOS 13 and ColorOS 13 have a lot in common because they are the same operating system that disguises itself as two separate "versions."

We saw the first phases of ColorOS and OxygenOS merging with Android 12. It's significantly more obvious this time around.

Big changes are immediately noticeable in OxygenOS and ColorOS 13's pull-down Notification Center, which can be seen on this phone.

The Settings menu and several related submenus have undergone several changes to make OxygenOS 13 even more similar to ColorOS 13.

OnePlus finally added an always-on display with OxygenOS 11 and Android 11. Since then, OnePlus has implemented the feature well.

The home screen has been through many changes recently, both in terms of its appearance and functionality.

The option to enlarge any home screen folders for easier access is one of the most noticeable addition.

Oppo and OnePlus must put an end to their pretense of claiming that OxygenOS and ColorOS are two separate builds.

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