The microblogging site Twitter on Tuesday announced that it had launched its Circle feature internationally after months of testing with a small number of users.

Circle feature will allow users to discuss about their ideas with a group of up to 150 people on Twitter.

According to the company, Twitter Circle allows users to establish more personal bonds with their followers.

In May 2022, Twitter began testing Twitter Circle with a small number of people on iOS, Android, and the web.

Users can decide which users to include in their Twitter Circle, and only those users will be able to see, respond to, and engage with the tweets.

Tweets sent to the group will have a green badge, which users of your Circle will see on your smartphone.

They won't be able to retweet anything you publish there, but according to earlier claims, they can still download and screenshot your tweets.

Although earlier reports said they could still download and take screenshots of your tweets, they won't be able to repost anything you put there.

It's also important to remember that, even if you are sending your tweets to a smaller audience, Twitter's community guidelines still apply.