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What’s new in Android 11 Beta 3?

What’s new in Android 11 Beta 3?

What’s new in Android 11 Beta 3???

On Thursday, Google released Android 11 Beta 3 which includes bug fixes in preparation for the stable update. One major change google has done with Android 11 Beta 3 is that now users no longer need to turn on location services in order for apps using the ENS to work.

Android 11 Beta 3 doesn’t have much major changes compared to their earlier beta releases but still few of the changes are listed below:

The Android 11 Easter egg

Android 11 Beta 3 version comes with a new Easter egg.To access it, go to Settings > System > About phone > Android version and repeatedly tap on the “Android version” field.

You’ll see a green circle in the middle with one smaller white circle inside of it and several smaller white circles surrounding it. These circles are dial which you have to turn clockwise 3 times until you see the Android 11 logo appear as well as a toast message with a cat emoji.

Once done, you’ll have access to cat-related Easter egg in Android 11’s new Conversation section in notifications.

New “Media” Setting and Swipe Away Media Player Notifications

Android 11 Beta 3 introduces a new toggle in Settings > Sound > Media called “hide player when the media session has ended.” One can hide media controls when the active media session has ended. Beta 3 also added the ability to hide media playback controls from the unexpanded Quick Settings panel.

What’s new in Android 11 Beta 3??? What’s new in Android 11 Beta 3???

New Emojis and slight tweak to the power menu

Android 11 Beta 3 comes with new emoji styles which are baked into the system font file.Google also combined the power off and reboot buttons into a single power button.Tapping power shows the standard power off and reboot options with a new design in Android 11 Beta 3.

What’s new in Android 11 Beta 3??? What’s new in Android 11 Beta 3???

90Hz option is back on the Pixel 4

Google removed the force 90Hz toggle in the Developer Options of Android 11 Beta 2. But with Android 11 Beta 3, a new toggle has been added in the Developer Options.

Google will release stable Android 11 on September 8, as per leaks.Oneplus pushed their Android 11 Developer Preview 2 for OnePlus 8 Series.Oneplus has published a blog post on their forum titled “Android 11 Beta (Developer Preview 2) for OnePlus 8 Series”

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Image Credit: XDA Developers 

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