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Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 7 India Launch Expected Soon

Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 7 India Launch Expected Soon

Xiaomi is well-known in India for selling Mi Smart Bands, which are one of the most popular fitness accessories. Since its launch in India, the Mi Smart Band has been in high demand. People are drawn to Mi Smart Bands because of their affordability, functionality, and value. When Xiaomi announced the Mi Smart Band 6 for Rs 3499 last year, everyone was taken aback. By far the most costly Mi Smart Band to ever hit the market in the United States. But, in comparison to its predecessors, the Mi Smart Band 6 also sported the largest AMOLED display and a plethora of intriguing functions and activity tracking support.

Xiaomi normally releases a new version of Mi Smart Band in China first, before bringing it to the rest of the world, including India, later. The Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 7, which was first launched in China earlier this year, will soon be available in India.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 7 got BIS Certification

Checking whether a product is listed on certification platforms is one approach to finding out if it is launching in the country. Mukul Sharma, a prominent tipster, discovered the Xiaomi Smart Band 7 on the BIS (Bureau of India Standards) with the model number M2129B1. None of the Smart Band’s essential features are revealed in the listing. Because of the listing, it’s safe to infer that the product will be launched in a month or two.

The Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 7 will not have any additional features to the Chinese variant. The only thing we’re looking forward to is the pricing.

In China, the Xiaomi Mi Smart Band (or Xiaomi Band 7) debuted with a 1.62-inch full-screen AMOLED touch Always-On display, which is 25% larger than the Mi Band 6. Users can choose from over 100 different watch faces.

The Smart Band allows you to track a variety of activities. SpO2 monitoring, heart rate tracking, sleep monitoring, and other features are available.

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