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You can get Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra for $100 with this Deal

You can get Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra for $100 with this Deal

Samsung’s online store currently has some of the finest bargains on the company’s products. It has made a concerted effort over the years to encourage more customers to purchase things directly from the company. As a result, you’ll frequently find discounts that no other shop can match.

For the Galaxy S22 Ultra, one such deal is currently available. You can virtually get Samsung’s freshest and best flagship smartphone for just $100 if you take advantage of it. Obviously, there are certain restrictions.

Samsung offers the best deal for Galaxy S22 Ultra

How did Samsung make the Galaxy S22 Ultra available for under $100? It has increased the trade-in credit for some gadgets from $850 to $1,000. If you trade one of these phones in for the Galaxy S22 Ultra, Samsung will give you a $1,000 discount on your new phone.

Samsung is only offering this additional trade-in credit for two phones, both of which are definitely Galaxy smartphones. If you trade in a Galaxy Z Fold 3 or Galaxy S21 Ultra, you’ll save $1,000 on your purchase right away. If you get the 128GB variant, that still leaves you with a $199 payment.

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You’ll get an additional $100 off because you’ll earn an instant Samsung Credit for this amount. When checking out, you may use this credit to purchase Galaxy S22 Ultra cases or chargers right now.

So, in order to buy Samsung’s newest flagship phone, you’ll have to pay $100. The benefits don’t stop there. You’ll also get 4 months of YouTube Premium, 3 months of Spotify Premium, 6 months of SiriusXM streaming, and 6 months of 100GB OneDrive cloud storage if you buy directly from Samsung.

Go to for the deal.

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