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Techibee is a tech news website that covers the latest technology, smartphones, and gadgets news. Currently, the most popular category in the tech industry is smartphones so we cover the latest stories from brands like OnePlus, Nothing, Apple, Google, etc.

Our team has been using these brands’ smartphones on a daily basis. So we have expertise in handling these types of devices and dealing with their problems to find a solution. We try to provide you with in-depth reviews of these devices as well as the latest news.

We also have a YouTube channel with over 115K subscribers, owned by Ashok Mor. On that channel, you will find the latest videos about multiple device software updates, new features, and more. was launched in 2019 as there was a need for a website and the need to post content related to videos for our YouTube audience.

Some of our stories were mentioned by the most popular technology websites such as,,,, and

Our Team

These are the people who are working for this website and they are team of developers, video creators, and content writers. Check out our team page for detailed information about them.

  1. Ashok Mor (Founder)
  2. Akash Ramsakha (Editor/Author)
  3. Sravan Kalasapati (Author)
  4. Kshitiz Jangra (Author)
  5. Lokesh Garapati (Author)