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Techibee is a news website that covers the latest technology, smartphones, and gadgets news. Currently, the most popular category in the tech industry is smartphones so we cover the latest news from brands like OnePlus, Nothing, Apple, Google, etc.

As of now, we are specialized in OnePlus and Nothing smartphones as Techibee has a youtube channel with over 95K subscribers who publish original content with reviews.

Techibee website was launched in 2019 as there was a need for a website and the need to post content related to videos for our YouTube viewers.

Some of our articles were mentioned by the most popular technology websites like,,, and


Ashok Mor (Founder)

My YouTube channel name is Techibee, and my name is Ashok. I have been creating videos for YouTube for the past six years in addition to writing blogs for the past four.

I enjoy researching the most recent developments in technology since it helps me understand what’s really going on there. I started this blog about four years ago, and since then Techibee has become one of the most popular places for users all around the world to get the latest tech news and leaks. We are experts in Oneplus,  Nothing & Google Pixel Smartphones anything related to these smartphones we have one stop solution on our website & youtube channel named Techibee.

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Akash Ramsakha (Editor)

Akash always writes about the latest tech news, smartphones, apps, and many more things that are related to technology. He also covers gaming as well as he is passionate about gaming.

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Sravan Kalasapati (Author)

I am a freak, fond of technology, dreaming to be big as usual, not a typical south Indian fellow.

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