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Best MIUI 12 Features in 2020

Best MIUI 12 Features in 2020

Best MIUI 12 Features in 2020.

Xiaomi just announced their new software skin – MIUI 12 along with Mi 10 Youth edition.MIUI 12 offers some new features such as more refined UI, enhanced privacy, health and fitness features, dark mode improvements and a lot more.

Best MIUI 12 Features:

User Interface:

MIUI 12 comes with user interface in which home screen,settings and system appliactions are in complete sync with each other.The menus and pages are highlighted with large headers.The buttons and toggles are large and the whole UI has a virtual approach.There are infographics, buttons, menus, cards which are designed virtually.

Best MIUI 12 Features in 2020

Dark Mode 2.0:

MIUI 12 gets a brand new Dark Mode 2.0.With this Dark Mode 2.0 wallpapers can be adjusted to more contrasty and dark color.When the brightness in dark mode is reduced ,the colors and lower contrast are adjusted automatically.Now you can choose dark mode for individual apps also.

Best MIUI 12 Features in 2020

New Health App:

On MIUI 12, a new Health app has been introduced which puts all your health information from different sources into one app.Health data can also be integrated from Mi Band, Google Fit,other services and devices.Sleep analysis feature in the health app works without any sensor.The app uses snore and talk detection during bedtime to analyze sleep cycle.

Best MIUI 12 Features in 2020

Dynamic Weather App:

The new Dynamic Weather app is well designed and somewhat looks similar to iOS’ native weather app.The new change has brought a dynamic view, it’s clean, gives a 5-day forecast, provides humidity information and offers both sunrise and sunset time.

Best MIUI 12 Features in 2020

Solar system-inspired live wallpapers:

Xiaomi has brought Super Wallpapers with MIUI 12 which are inspired from solar system.It’s similar to live wallpapers but has more dramatic animations.There are only two Super Wallpapers that are based on Earth and Mars. Also, not all Xiaomi phones are going to get Super Wallpapers as it requires a powerful GPU.

Improved Gestures + Quick Settings:

Xiaomi has separated the Quick Settings panel and notification into two different parts.Quick Settings panel can be access from the top-right side and notification shade from the top-left side.Xiaomi has also implemented its own version of Group Notification.

Xiaomi has incorporated Android 10 gesture navigation system. You can go back from both the sides,can switch between apps by swiping left and right at the bottom of the screen.One can also open the app-specific menu from the top part of the screen.

Global Free Window or Floating Window:

Global free window is one of the major features of MIUI 12.One can create a mini window of an app and continue their work on other apps seamlessly.Floating window can be move around the screen and the window can be mader larger as per need.Floating Window can be used from the Recents menu and notification shade.

Best MIUI 12 Features in 2020

Privacy Enhancements:

With MIUI 12, there is a separate and comprehensive dashboard called Privacy Protection under the Settings page.This new improvement in privacy, monitors the apps usage and permissions.MIUI 12 classifies a few permissions like location, storage, camera, microphone as sensitive permissions.One will be alerted in case of privacy breach.

Best MIUI 12 Features in 2020

Other MIUI 12 Features:

  • Disable Ads in One-tap
  • Virtual ID
  • Snap Mode and Camera Enhancements
  • Focus Mode
  • Video Toolbox
  • Lock Screen Clock
  • Sunlight Mode
  • Earthquake Warning
  • Download Always-on Display Theme
  • New Battery Indicators

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