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Get the Spooky Moth Silk Set in BGMI – Easy Guide



bgmi spooky moth silk set

Have you heard about the cool Spooky Moth Silk set in BGMI? It’s a fashionable outfit with a creepy Moth wing pattern on the dress, a fine headpiece, and a stylish top.

If you really want this amazing set, you have to just follow the steps given below:

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1. Use UC to Buy the Set:

To get the Spooky Moth Silk set quickly, you can use something called UC (Unknown Cash) to buy it from the in-game store. You’ll need 1200 UC, so make sure to save up enough before going shopping. Only spend your UC on sets you really like, and keep an eye out for discounts and special deals to save some UC!

2. Take Part in the Silk Moth Event:

There’s an event called the Silk Moth Event where you can earn free UC. You have to complete some tasks and challenges while playing the game. When you finish these tasks, you’ll get UC that you can use to buy the Spooky Moth Silk set. To make the most of it, keep checking the event section in BGMI and focus on finishing the event tasks to earn UC faster.

3. Complete Missions for UC:

BGMI has other missions that can give you UC when you finish them. Look for these missions and complete them regularly to earn more UC. There are some missions which should be easier than others so according to that choose one of that you can do it faster.

Look Out for Special Offers:

Krafton sometimes surprises players with special offers, like extra UC rewards or discounted sets. Keep an eye out for these offers, and if you see one, take advantage of it to get closer to getting the Spooky Moth Silk set.

So, whether you use UC, participate in the Silk Moth Event, grind missions, or grab special offers, you can soon rock the Spooky Moth Silk set in BGMI and show off your trendy style!

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