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TCL Showcases Rollable Display And Tri-Fold Foldable Concept Phones

TCL Showcases Rollable Display And Tri-Fold Foldable Concept Phones

TCL has showcased two new concept phone, Tri-Fold Foldable and Rollable display phones.

The Tri-fold phone-tablet hybrid folds twice like the letter Z. The first fold bends inwards while the remaining portion bends outwards along the crease.The Rollable concept device looks like a regular phone, but it conceals a rollable mechanism that hides the remaining portion of the display which can be pulled out via a motorised mechanism to turn it into a tablet.

Both the phones display panels are developed by TCL-CSOT. The tri-fold features a flexible AMOLED technology which converts a 10-inch tablet into a 6.65-inch device. The folded display has an aspect ratio of 20.8:9 and 3K resolution.

TCL Showcases Tri-Fold Foldable and Rollable Display Concept Phones

TCL has used two different Hinge technology for Tri-fold foldable concept phone – DragonHinge and ButterflyHinge for working prototype.Same as Galaxy fold,one of the hinge folds inside while second hinge folds outward like Huawei Mate X.

The rollable display concept hides a motorised mechanism that keeps a portion of the display hidden.The AMOLED display entends sideways from underneath and retracts inside by pushing a button.The hidden portion of the display extends outwards towards the right, turning the display into a 7.8 inch tablet.When not being used in tablet mode, the motor automatically retracts the display and turns inot a 6.75 inch regular phone.

The phone does not allow any manual pull-push motions.The change in display form enables additional features like split-screen and multitasking enhancements. With this design style, we won’t have to deal with wrinkles or creases on the foldable OLED screen.

TCL has not announced any specifications about both the concept devices. Even pricing and availability details of the devices has not been announced by TCL yet, as both the devices are not ready to go commercial.


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