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How to Participate in OxygenOS 14 Beta Testing



oxygenos 14 beta testing

With the anticipation building around OxygenOS 14, the developers have extended an invitation for beta testing to the tech-savvy community. In an attempt to ensure that users have a clear understanding of the process, a comprehensive guide has been released. Here’s a guide for Closed and Open Beta Testing versions and how you can enroll in them.

As of now, this testing version is available for only the latest OnePlus flagship “OnePlus 11.” In the future, the company may add more devices for testing.

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OxygenOS Closed Beta Testing: An Overview

The Closed Beta version of OxygenOS 14 is a first build, designed for a select group of tech enthusiasts. As it’s in the development phase, it might contain certain bugs or compatibility issues. This testing phase is vital for the engineers, enabling them to identify and rectify problems through user feedback and suggestions.

How to Join the Closed Beta?

  1. Preparation:
    • Ensure that your device meets the requirements.
    • Update to the necessary base version.
    • Back up essential data to avoid any data loss.
  2. Application Process:
    • Watch for announcements regarding the Closed Beta Testing programs.
    • Navigate to: Settings > About device > Tap up to date > Tap icon > Beta program > Beta > Apply now.
    • Once verified, join the Telegram group via invitation, then download the beta version at the specified location.

OxygenOS Open Beta Testing: What You Need to Know

Unlike the Closed Beta, the Open Beta Version is a more refined build, ironing out some of the kinks found in the initial phase. Though more stable, it may still present some instability or compatibility challenges.

How to Get Involved in Open Beta Testing?

  1. Preparation:
    • Confirm device compatibility.
    • Update to the correct base version.
    • Back up crucial data.
  2. Application Process:
    • Stay alert for Open Beta announcements.
    • Follow the path: Settings > About device > Tap up to date > Tap icon > Beta program > Beta > Apply now.
    • Upon approval, download the beta version as directed.

The Official Version of OxygenOS 14

The Official Version of OxygenOS is the polished, final product, released after rigorous testing during the Open Beta phase. Recognized for its stability, it is made available to all users. Beta testers will receive this version first, followed by a wider rollout.

How to Upgrade to the Official Version?

  1. Preparation:
    • Update to the detectable base version.
    • Back up vital data.
  2. Upgrade Process:
    • If eager to expedite the process, navigate to: Settings > About device > Tap up to date > Tap icon > Beta program > Official > Apply now.
    • Then, proceed to download via: Settings > About device > Download Now.


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