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OnePlus 10 Pro gets new Update A.09 w/ Added 1Hz refresh rate, optimized Bluetooth, camera and more

OnePlus 10 Pro gets new Update A.09 w/ Added 1Hz refresh rate, optimized Bluetooth, camera and more

OnePlus has released the OnePlus 10 Pro smartphone in China, and the company is planning to make a big splash in the worldwide market shortly. Snapdragon 8th Gen 1 is at the heart of everything. With an 80W charging cable and a 50W wireless flash charge, the OnePlus 10 Pro has a 5,000 mAh battery that supports flash charge and longer battery life. ColorOS 12.1 is OnePlus’s new operating system, which is based on Android 12. ColorOS 12.1 will include AI Self-Smoothing Engine 2.1 and Ultra-HD Enhanced Picture Quality, among other improvements. Interconnection between screens, Flashback Window, Video Continuation, Free Translation, and so on.

ColorOS 12.1 A.09 for the OnePlus 10 Pro adds 1Hz 1Hz AOD, optimizes the refresh rate of the screen display, reduces sleep power usage in AOD scenarios (only supports select AODs), and improves Bluetooth, camera, and more.

OxygenOS 12

  • Camera
    • [Optimized] Background blur effect in portrait mode
    • [Optimized] The white balance effect of the front camera of the three-party camera [Optimized] The imaging clarity of night scene shooting
  • System
    • [New] 1Hz AOD, optimize the refresh rate of the screen display, reduce the standby power consumption in AOD scenarios (only support some AODs)
    • [Optimization] Improve system fluency
    • [Optimization] Some applications of vibration motor effect
    • [Repair] Solve the problem of low probability of freezing and improve the game experience.
  • Bluetooth
    • [Optimized] Bluetooth headset compatibility Photo Album – Portable Card Holder.
    • [Optimization] Classification accuracy of the carry-on card package label.
    • [Optimized] Wi-Fi download speed and stability.
Download ColorOS 12.1 A.09:
  • ColorOS China Server 1: Full
  • ColorOS China Server 2: Full
  • ColorOS China Server 3: Full
  • ColorOS China Server 4: Full
  • ColorOS China Server 5: Full
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