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PUBG NEW STATE: Soul Mortal In-Game name, control setup and sensitivity settings

PUBG NEW STATE: Soul Mortal In-Game name, control setup and sensitivity settings

PUBG NEW STATE: Soul Mortal In-Game name, control setup and sensitivity settings.

PUBG: New State can now be downloaded from the Google Play Store. Because the release is only a few minutes ahead of schedule, the iOS version was not available for download at the time of writing. On the Google Play Store, the “Install” button is active next to the PUBG: New State listing, which you can hit to begin downloading the game to your eligible phone.

Mortal is a gyro player and uses his smartphone’s gyroscope sensor to aim and shoot enemies. Mortal uses a 4-finger claw setup in PUBG NEW STATE.

Soul Mortal PUBG NEW STATE in-game name is ( mortaLLL ) Here are all his Controls & gyroscope sensitivity settings these settings might be changed in the future as per Individuals requirement will try to keep you guys updated about the same: Control Code : ( UI-fdd802b4-ac12-48c7-a0fe-ce6e3a0697e4 )

Pubg new state Soul mortal controls

Below is the Sensitivity of Soul Mortal Sensitivity : Sensitivity CODE ( SEN-a5e01001-fd83-4da5-Bc0d-47bcl5bdc408 )

pubg new state mortal control code

Also Check out the current Graphic setting used by Soul Mortal in PUBG NEW STATE

Soul mortal graphic settings pubg new state

Note: So these are the Initial Controls and Sensitivity of SOUL MORTAL & might get changed in future.

PUBG: System Requirements for the New State

If your phone runs Android 6.0 Marshmallow or later and has at least 2GB of RAM, you may download PUBG: New State. A 64-bit CPU is also required, but as the latest generation of processors is mostly based on that architecture, this should not be an issue for you.

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