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Google Pixel Watch Might Feature Cellular Service and All Day Battery Life

Google Pixel Watch Might Feature Cellular Service and All Day Battery Life

Google’s upcoming Pixel Watch, according to new rumors, will offer a cellular connection and all-day battery life.

With a flood of rumours and leaks about what to expect, the Pixel Watch is one of the most anticipated wearables. The Pixel Watch even had its own iPhone 4 moment when it was left at a Chicago restaurant, allowing customers to get a closer look at the design. 9to5Google insiders are now revealing details about the watch’s internal components, including the possibility of cellular connectivity and a 300mAh battery.

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It’s totally unknown whether all three next models will have connections or just a few. In any case, cellular connectivity is a critical feature for Google to compete with Apple in the wearables industry.

Google’s decision to include a 300mAh battery should please those who require all-day battery life. Most smartwatches with a similar-sized battery last between 24 and 40 hours, though some are powered by less efficient processors than the ones Google is anticipated to utilise.

Google’s watch could be one of the greatest alternatives to the Apple Watch. If 9to5Google’s sources are right, it looks like the company is determined to give it its all.

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