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Nokia 3.4 Receives Latest Security Patch Update in April 2023

Nokia 3.4 Receives Latest Security Patch Update in April 2023

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Nokia 3.4 smartphone users have received good news as the device has just received the latest security patch update for April 2023. Although the company has not yet confirmed whether the device will receive the Android 13 update, Nokia is still providing security updates to fix bugs and vulnerabilities.

The Nokia 3.4 smartphone was released in 2020 and is currently running Android 12. The latest update, which brings the Google Security Patch for April 2023, is available to download for users of the device.

The update notification appears as “Software Update- Google Security Patch,” and the download size is approximately 40.00 MB. The update includes the latest security patch, which fixes any known security vulnerabilities in the device’s software. The update is currently rolling out for Indian users, but in the coming days, it will reach worldwide.

Users are advised to use Wi-Fi wherever possible when downloading the update to avoid incurring additional charges if downloading data over a cellular mobile network. Nokia recommends that users check with their network provider if they have any concerns about using cellular data to download the update.

The latest update for Nokia 3.4 will provide an added layer of security to the device, ensuring that users can enjoy using their smartphones with peace of mind. Nokia has been consistent in providing updates to its devices, and this latest security patch update for the Nokia 3.4 is a testament to the company’s commitment to its customers.



Software update- Google Security Patch

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  • Google Security Patch 2023-04
nokia 3.4 april 2023 security update

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