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OnePlus Ace Will Have Super Crystalline Graphite Heat Dissipation Material

OnePlus Ace Will Have Super Crystalline Graphite Heat Dissipation Material

On April 21, at 19:00 in China, OnePlus will unveil the new OnePlus Ace smartphone. For the first time, the phone will include the Dimensity 8100-MAX processor, which will be paired with MediaTek to provide exclusive in-depth customization, games frame rate, AI computation, and night-time video optimization.

OnePlus revealed the OnePlus Ace’s heat dissipation specs today. According to the official, the OnePlus Ace features the largest heat dissipation area to date (4129.8 square millimeters of VC area), with the industry’s first super crystalline graphite heat dissipation material, and a 60 percent performance improvement over the same area of heat dissipation.

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In addition, the OnePlus Ace is available in two colour schemes, with a centered hole-digging screen on the front and an “electrical waterfall” design on the back, weighing 186 g and 8.2 mm.

In addition, the gadget will have Dimensity 8100-MAX. OnePlus Ace will feature 150W super flash charging, making it the faster charging mobile phone in OnePlus history, according to “Digital Chat Station.”

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