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Truecaller Will Discontinue Call Recording Feature in its App

Truecaller Will Discontinue Call Recording Feature in its App

Truecaller, a popular voice calling app with millions of users has announced that the call recording option will be removed. This is consistent with Google’s newly announced rules. Google said on May 11 that third-party applications would no longer be able to offer voice-calling recording in Android handsets. From May 11, none of the voice call recording apps will work on Android devices.

Truecaller, which allows users to record phone calls, is discontinuing the service. Until now, users could utilize the recording feature of the app for free. However, because it is not an in-built option for Android smartphones, it will be removed from the app.

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Google will continue to allow voice call recording, but only with its own system

Only pre-loaded and in-built Google features will be able to record voice calls. Users will still be able to record voice calls, but only through third-party programs. Many organizations provide voice-calling recording tools pre-installed in their default calling software on their cellphones.

Truecaller will stop the feature for its subscribers, according to a News18 report. Users can still record voice calls by turning on the device’s speakers and recording the discussion on another phone.

Google intends to improve privacy by ensuring that users’ calls are not recorded without their permission. Currently, the Google app for voice calling that comes pre-installed on most smartphones has a call recording feature, but it notifies both or all persons on the call that the recording has begun. This allows consumers the ability to record calls while protecting everyone’s privacy. Google’s move has elicited diverse emotions around the world, with some people relieved and others upset.

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