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Latest Oneplus Orbit app 1.4 update – Check what’s new

Latest Oneplus Orbit app 1.4 update – Check what’s new

For more than 7 years, the OnePlus Community has been working with its users to create many memorable co-creation tales. During this period, you provided Oneplus with constructive feedback and helpful suggestions about your Community product experience. Oneplus has spent the last few months working closely with our community to iterate and improve the overall product experience. On the 20th of October, Oneplus revealed Orbit, the culmination of that two-way process.

Our long-serving community expert @cdnfarmer offered the name ‘Orbit.’ The term “orbit” is frequently used to define the path that a satellite takes around the globe in order to deliver better services to people on a continual basis.

Oneplus Orbit 1.4

What’s new Orbit 1.4:

New Features
– Add external links in threads, comments & replies
– View images in horizontal orientation
– Push Notification for new followers, replies, comments, and likes
– Switch on/off the push notification

– Loading speed of the home page, notification page, and profile page
– Notification red dot
– Ranking of comments

Download Orbit 1.4: Telegram – Gdrive

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