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OnePlus Announces “The Red Perspective” Contest for Its Community



OnePlus The Red Perspective

OnePlus is back with a treat for its community. They have not offered an original collectible for a while. This month they have news for all members.

OnePlus’s Red Cable Club is making a book. This book called “The Red Perspective” will have photos taken by the Red Cable members. It will show their views and their stories.

The book will also have photos from the “Life Through Your Lens” contest. OnePlus wants to give a real gift to members made by the members.

The book will not just have photos from members. Some great wildlife photographers will also share their photos. Plus the book will have stories from the OnePlus Community.

Now OnePlus has a contest. They want members to send their best photos taken with a OnePlus phone. The winners will have their photos in the book.

The contest has some new rules this time.

Contest Rules:

  • Visit the contest page to send your photos. Members can send photos for 12 days.
  • The winners will be told on RCC Members’ Day. Winners will get special prizes and details will be sent by email.
  • Winning photos will be shown on the contest site and OnePlus’s official Instagram.
  • Only Red Cable Club members and OnePlus community members can join.
  • Each person can send only one photo.
  • All photos must be new and have the “ShotonOnePlus” mark.

Great Prizes to Win!

The best photos will win OnePlus items:

  • OnePlus Nord 3 5G
  • OnePlus Buds pro 2
  • OnePlus Nord Watch

Important Dates:

  • Oct 1-12: Send photos
  • Oct 17: Winners will be told

If you want to join visit the contest page now and send your photo!


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OnePlus is rolling out Stable OxygenOS 14 Update for its Devices



OxygenOS 14 Devices

OnePlus announced its software for the year “OxygenOS 14 based on Android 14” back on September 25th after following beta programs for all eligible models. Now it’s time for OnePlus to start a quick rollout of stable versions.

This year already, OnePlus was too fast to roll out stable updates of OxygenOS 14 for many models and there are still more to follow. Not only newly launched devices, older devices are also on par with newer models to receive stable updates Faster with many improvements by adding new technology called the “Trinity Engine,” and OnePlus is also very keen to make animations fast and fluid which makes Total OS more fluid and fast.

These are OnePlus devices that have received stable OxygenOS 14 updates:

  • OnePlus 11
  • OnePlus 11 R
  • OnePlus 10 Pro
  • OnePlus 10T
  • OnePlus Nord 3

The following device versions are available:

  • OnePlus 11 – CPH2447_14.0.0.201( EX01)
  • OnePlus 11R – COH2487_14.0.0.200( EX01)
  • OnePlus 10 Pro – NE2211_14.0.0.202( EX01)
  • OnePlus 10T – CPH2413_14.0.0.202(EX01)
  • OnePlus Nord 3 – CPH2491_14.0.0.100( EX01)

All these devices have the November 2023 Android security patch with this update.

As always, OnePlus has rolled out these updates for newer devices, and still more devices yet to follow. This process is a staged rollout, so you may see an update popup on your phone any time soon. The OxygenOS 14 has more productive features, which makes the OS Absolute the best in many ways.

OxygenOS 14 has Pantanal service for fluid cloud and cross-device support and also they added a file dock feature in which you can save copied word content and cut images that have been extracted from the Smart cutout feature. The update also improves photo and video-related permissions for safe access to many apps and has improved animations. The company also upgraded the Aquamorphic theming and ringtones and Content Extractor, which help in recognizing text and images and also added carbon tracking Always-On Display that indicates how more steps can lead to fewer carbon emissions in the personalization section.

The OnePlus 12 was the next flagship device from OnePlus, which already launched in China and the global launch is near in January 2024. The OnePlus 12 was the first device to come out of the box with OxygenOS 14, based on Android 14.

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Why OxygenOS is a Favorite for Its Speed and Simplicity



OxygenOS 14 based Android 14

OxygenOS has a more loyal fanbase for its cleanliness and productivity. It always gives a stock Android feeling experience which attracted many people to buy OnePlus phones for a Fast and fluid Experience

OxygenOS began its life as a clean and fast alternative to CyanogenMod, the custom ROM used on early OnePlus devices. Born from the ashes of a failed partnership, OxygenOS quickly established itself as a fan favorite, offering a near-stock Android experience with just enough customization to satisfy power users.

Through various major updates, OxygenOS introduced features like parallel apps, gesture navigation, and a dark mode, all while maintaining its reputation for performance and responsiveness. However, 2021 marked a turning point, with OnePlus merging OxygenOS with Oppo’s ColorOS after Carl Pei left the company.

This controversial decision has sparked concerns about the future of OxygenOS’s unique identity and focus on user experience. While the full impact of the merger remains to be seen, it’s clear that OxygenOS has undergone a significant transformation in its journey from underdog custom ROM to mainstream Android skin.

OxygenOS will remain one of the most beloved pieces of software in OnePlus history.

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OnePlus 9RT gets more refined with OxygenOS 14 Closed Beta 2



Oneplus 9RT OxygenOS 14 Close beta 2

OnePlus pushed the OxygenOS 14 second alpha build for the OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro and now the OnePlus 9RT also gets the more refined version of OxygenOS 14 as Alpha 2 also known as closed beta. By the way, if you guys have Oneplus 8T then Oneplus just announced a closed beta testing program for Oneplus 8T users.

Oneplus 9RT OxygenOS 14

Oneplus 9 and 9 Pro also come with similar changes to what Oneplus 9RT received with OxygenOS 14 Closed Beta 2. The OxygenOS 14 second closed beta update makes the system more stable and also prevents crashes. The second Alpha version of OxygenOS puts more effort into fixing camera problems, like stuttering and trouble editing photos in Album.

Changelogs of OxygenOS 14-second Alpha Build


  • Improves System Stability
  • Fixes an issue that might cause some apps to crash


  • Fixes a stutter issue with the camera in some scenarios
  • Fixes an issue of not being able to edit album photos
  • Fixes an issue of now being able to switch camera focal length after turning Hi-res
  • Fixes an issue where the black & white filter function is disabled.

Oneplus 9RT might also get OxygenOS 14 open beta in the month of December, followed by a stable release next year. Are you guys excited to try out OxygenOS 14 on your Oneplus 9RT?

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