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Oxygen OS 12 Canvas AOD 2.0 apk Download now

Oxygen OS 12 Canvas AOD 2.0 apk Download now

Oxygen OS 12 Canvas AOD 2.0 apk Download now.

OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro have already received Oxygen OS 12 Open Beta 1 based on Android 12. OnePlus is integrating the new Android 12 codebase with its Oxygen OS skin.

Speaking of codebase integrations, one of those also occurred between Oxygen OS 12 and Color OS 12, and this, the company promises, will result in “delivering a fully upgraded experience on a more stable and power-saving system with solid backend support”, while still keeping the Oxygen OS “fast and smooth DNA”.

Oxygen OS 12 comes with “a refreshed new UI”, that “enhances ease of use and instills power through resilient design”, whatever that means. OnePlus says it’s showcasing an ingenious use of light and space, while simplifying visuals through geometric deconstruction. Icons are subtly different with improved textures.

Canvas AOD 2.0 is also in Oxygen OS 12, optimized based on the original functionality, also adding new brush and line colors for better customization.

Canvas AOD 2.0 apk

The new Canvas AOD 2.0 even lets users can hand-edit pictures to remove unwanted lines and move around the outline to wherever they like on the always-on display. Canvas AOD 2.0 will be useful for users who want their closest memories to come to life every time they unlock their OnePlus phone.

Canvas AOD can also be installed on other Oneplus phones.


  • Download Canvas AOD 2.0 : Download
  • Navigate to Canvas AOD app from file manager
  • Tap on the application & select Install

OnePlus might launch a Pac-Man-themed device, Special edition Nord 2.

Along with Oxygen OS 12 open beta 1 Oneplus also rolled our Color OS 12 for Oneplus 9 & 9 pro. If any user facing Issues with Oxygen OS 12 or Color OS 12 than you can follow our video guide to roll-back to stable Android 11 version.

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