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Realme and OPPO PC Connect Download Link for Windows

Realme and OPPO PC Connect Download Link for Windows

PC Connect, an app that connects your smartphone and computer, has been officially launched by OPPO/Realme. It won’t be the type of Multi-Screen I predicted for ColorOS 12, but rather a smartphone-to-PC mirroring.

What is PC Connect?

PC Connect is an OPPO and Realme app that allows you to connect your smartphone to your computer. When you utilise PC Connect, your smartphone screen is mirrored on your PC, allowing you to interact with it using a mouse and keyboard. This substantially simplifies file management by allowing users to “drag and drop” files between the two devices, but it does not stop there. It allows you to open a file on your smartphone and edit it on your PC, which is particularly useful when working with text documents. The clipboard is synced as well, allowing copy/paste from one device to another.

PC Connect Features

  • Work on files on many devices – To move data from one device to another, simply drag & drop. To begin editing a file saved on your phone, open it directly from your PC.
  • Sync clipboards – Your phone and PC clipboards are both synced. Simply copy and paste text from your phone to your computer.
  • You’ll never miss an essential communication again — Using your PC, you may view and respond to text messages and app notifications.
  • Sync photos and screenshots — View a photo or screenshot taken on your phone on your PC. You can also copy or save the image, or just drag it to software on your computer to utilise.

PC Connect System requirements

If you have a Windows laptop, PC Connect may or may not work on your computer. It is necessary to have at least this feature on your laptop in order to install it.

  • Windows 10 and higher (32-bit or 64-bit)
  • Supports Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
  • Supports Wi-Fi Direct

How to connect Realme & OPPO with PC Connect Windows app

After you’ve installed and paired the app, you’ll be able to access your smartphone from your PC screen, with all of the benefits it entails.

  • Pull down the Quick Settings window on your phone and enable ‘PC Connect.’
  • Open ‘PC Connect’ on your computer.
  • A pop-up will appear on your phone when it is close to your PC.
  • To connect your phone to your PC, tap ‘Connect.’

PC Connect Download Links

Connect your computer You can quickly mirror your phone’s screen to any Windows laptop using your phone. You can get the EXE file for this feature below, which you can use to install and use it.

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