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Android 14 Beta 4 Rolls Out: Here’s What You Need to Know About the Changes



android 14 beta 4

Google recently rolled out Android 14 beta 4 for Pixel smartphones, signaling the approach of a stable build. So this update doesn’t bring any major changes to the UI but still, Google has done minor tweaks here and there.

With the beta 4 release, users can expect improved functionality and a refined user experience.

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The update, labeled with build number UPB4.230623.005, includes the latest July security patches and has a download size of approximately 200MB. As reported by users, the installation process is smooth and seamless.

One notable addition in Android 14 beta 4 is the long-awaited Easter egg. Users can now enjoy various animations by long-pressing on the Android version in the software information section. This feature provides a playful touch to the user experience.

Another noteworthy change is the ability to check the manufacturing year of Pixel smartphones. Under the “Model” section in the device’s settings, the manufactured year is displayed. This implementation offers users quick access to information about their device’s production date.

In terms of visual changes, Android 14 beta 4 introduces subtle alterations to the user interface elements. The status bar now displays a silent icon, replacing the previous bell icon with a crossed-out speaker. Additionally, the lens icon in the Google search bar features a new outline and lighter-colored icons compared to the previous beta version.

Further improvements can be observed in the app drawer, where icons have undergone a change in color, appearing lighter and more distinguishable. The search bar in the app drawer is now separated by a white color fill, making it easier to locate.

Android 14 beta 4 also enhances the overall aesthetics of the system. In dark mode, the app drawer remains clearly visible, ensuring a consistent experience across different themes. Furthermore, wallpapers and style options showcase darker color palettes, making them more visually appealing. The text clock color and size now adapt to the selected theme, providing a more cohesive design language.

While most changes focus on visual elements, a few adjustments have been made to system settings. In the language settings, the speed settings have been relocated from the keyboard settings to the language settings, streamlining the user experience.

Lastly, a new feature called “Layer to Device Lock” offers convenience for users with a six-digit PIN. With this feature enabled, the device automatically locks itself after the correct PIN is entered, eliminating the need to tap the confirmation button.

Although Android 14 beta 4 brings no major breakthroughs, it refines the user experience and addresses various issues and improvements. Users can expect a stable build of Android 14 in the near future, as Google prepares to finalize the operating system for Pixel smartphones.

You should note that this is a beta release still some features and changes will be made in the official stable of Android 14.

Remember to stay tuned for more updates and exciting features as Android 14 nears its official release!

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