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Exclusive OnePlus 12 Specifications Leak: Periscope Lens, Features, and Launch Month Revealed

Exclusive OnePlus 12 Specifications Leak: Periscope Lens, Features, and Launch Month Revealed

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OnePlus which is a subsidiary of OPPO, is a Chinese Smartphone manufacturing company that launched a new Flagship Smartphone every year. Now, the company is planning for its upcoming Flagship which is going to be launched by next Year. The upcoming Flagship (OnePlus 12) will debut in China at the end of this year with a new Periscope Camera Lens.

Specifications of Upcoming OnePlus Flagship

A tipster, whose Twitter Handle is @heyitsyogesh has Tweeted the Specifications of the OnePlus 12 on Twitter.

For now, The OnePlus upcoming flagship is in engineering sample form. According to the tipster, OnePlus 12 comes with a 6.67 inches QHD OLED Display with a Refresh Rate of 120Hz. There are no changes in the Display Specifications. We got the same Display Specifications as we get in OnePlus 11. If we talk about the processor. The upcoming OnePlus 12 is powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 which is going to debut at the end of this year. If we talk about Camera in OnePlus 12. So, we got a primary camera sensor of 50 Megapixels, 50 Megapixels UltraWide. Also, as we said in our OnePlus article about the OnePlus 12 Periscope Camera. So, we can get a Periscope Camera which is 64 Megapixels with OnePlus’s upcoming flagship. Like the OnePlus 11, we are getting a Battery of 5000mAh which supports Fast Charging of 100W.

What about Camera?

First, we are talking about the Periscope Lens. So, Periscope Lens is a type of compact zoom system that uses a Prism to fold light. It allows for Zoom that goes beyond 2-3x. To hit the zoom in the Pixel devices Google uses a technique. We are getting this in most of the Premium Flagship smartphones like Google’s Pixel 7 Pro, Samsung’s Galaxy S23 Ultra, OPPO Find X6 Pro, etc.

OnePlus 12 is the first OnePlus smartphone that comes with Periscope Camera Lens. If we talk about the integration of the Hasselblad Camera with the OnePlus 12. So, we can also expect the coming of the OnePlus 12 with Hasselblad Camera. Oneplus 12 may support 3x optical zoom. As we know, we can only zoom up to 20x with OnePlus 11. But we can zoom up to 120x with OnePlus 12.

Is there any IP Rating with this Flagship?

IP Rating is a rating that tells us about the Water and Dust resistance of our smart device. According to the tipster, the OnePlus 12 comes with an IP Rating. As tipster said that the smartphone comes with an IP Rating and also confirms that it won’t be IP68.

Expected Launch Date?

For now, there is not any information or Leak about the Launch Date of the OnePlus 12. But the tipster said that OnePlus 12 is going to .debut in China in December 2023. After Launching the device in China. We can expect the Indian launch in January or February of 2024

Note: For the debut of the OnePlus 12, there are 6-7 months. In between these months. Any of the specifications that are given above may or may not be changed. We are not responsible for the changed information. The article is based on the information provided by the tipster.

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