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Nothing Phone (1) Users Can Now Download Glyph Composer App for Custom Ringtones



nothing phone (1) glyph composer app

Nothing, the innovative tech company known for its unique approach to smartphone design, has launched the highly anticipated Glyph Composer app for its Nothing Phone (1). The app, which was initially introduced with the release of the Nothing Phone (2), allows users to create and personalize their own custom ringtones.

The recently released Nothing Phone (2) garnered attention for its amazing new features, including the exclusive Glyph Composer app. This app, built on the foundation of Nothing OS 2.0, a custom operating system based on Android 13, empowers users to craft their own unique ringtones that reflect their individuality.

Make Custom Ringtones on Nothing Phone (1)

Nothing Phone (1) users have eagerly awaited the arrival of Glyph Composer on their devices since Nothing company’s promise to bring the feature to its first smartphone model. Currently, the device is running Nothing OS 1.5.5 still the app is working on it. Now, with the release of the Glyph Composer app, Nothing Phone (1) owners can enjoy the same level of customization and personalization previously exclusive to Nothing Phone (2) users.

nothing glyph composer app

Glyph Composer allows users to tap into their creative side by remixing and personalizing the custom sounds created by Swedish House Mafia. By simply tapping on the app’s pads, users can trigger a combination of lights and sounds, resulting in the creation of their very own unique Glyph Ringtone. This exclusive feature allows Nothing Phone users to stand out from the crowd and express their individual style.

Download Glyph Composer App

The Glyph Composer app, which comes with a small download size of 7 MB, is available for download from the official Nothing app store. The initial version of the app, labeled as 1.0.0, provides users with the core functionality required to compose and set personalized ringtones on their Nothing Phone (1) devices. You can download the app from the links provided below.

To demonstrate the capabilities of Glyph Composer on the Nothing Phone (1), tech enthusiast TechiBoy has created an exclusive video showcasing the installation and composition process. In his video, TechiBoy takes viewers through a step-by-step tutorial on how to create their own custom ringtone using Glyph Composer.

The release of Glyph Composer for Nothing Phone (1) coincides with the launch of the Nothing Phone (2) on July 11, 2023. Nothing continues to push boundaries in the smartphone industry, offering its users unique and innovative features that enhance their overall smartphone experience.

Nothing Phone (1) users can now download the Glyph Composer app and enjoy the freedom of creating personalized ringtones that match their personality and style. With the introduction of this exclusive feature, Nothing further solidifies its commitment to delivering a truly customizable and individualistic smartphone experience.

Watch TechiBoy’s video tutorial on how to use Glyph Composer on the Nothing Phone (1) here:

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Netflix Co-CEO Rules Out App for Apple Vision Pro for Now



Apple Vision Pro Netflix

Recently, pre-orders for the Apple Vision Pro were started. According to Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst has reported sales of around 160,000 to 180,000 units of the Vision Pro. In context to the sales of Apple Vision Pro, Netflix Co-CEO Greg Peters revealed in an interview that there is no need for the Netflix app in Apple’s VR headset.

In that interview, Peters also defined that the number of subscribers can’t justify the attempts to port an app for a platform. In the future, there may be a Netflix app for Apple’s VR headset, but currently, Netflix is adopting a wait-and-see approach. For now, YouTube and Spotify have no plans for dedicated apps.

As we also mentioned in the recent post of the Apple Vision Pro, you can use the apps via the browser in the Vision Pro. Apple’s own Apple TV+ streaming services are available on the Apple Vision Pro, which features “Apple Immersive Video” with Spatial Audio and 180° 3D footage in 8K resolution.

Apple TV+ on Vision Pro

Similarly, Netflix has also a VR app which was launched in back 2015, that also offers VR Content and includes a 360° video for the Stranger Things Series, but for now, it’s not available in Apple Vision Pro. Netflix has a ton of VR movies that you can also check out.


Featured Image Courtesy: Average Design Dude (YouTube)

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New Sharing Feature in WhatsApp Beta for iOS and Android



whatsapp logo

WhatsApp has undergone notable changes, introducing new colors and status updates for both its website and app. Whatsapp is currently in the process of rolling out a fresh update through the TestFlight beta program, named version Within the app’s settings, the version is identified as, while the TestFlight build stands at 24.1.10(555067882).

WhatsApp beta for Android, in its version, is rolling out a significant feature. Users can now create and share polls within their channels, fostering interactive engagement by collecting feedback, opinions, and preferences directly from their followers. The latest WhatsApp beta test for iOS, marked as version, is also geared up to incorporate this polling feature.

WhatsApp ensures that the choices made by channel followers during voting remain secure and anonymous. Currently available to beta testers, the feature to share polls in channels can be accessed by installing the latest version of WhatsApp beta for iOS and other Android phones via the TestFlight app. It will be available to everyone in the coming days.

While polls on various platforms often disappear within 24 hours, it remains to be seen whether WhatsApp will adopt a similar approach or introduce its own unique twist.


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X (Twitter) Rolls Out Audio and Video Calling for Android Platform



twitter user limit elon musk

X (formerly Twitter) is going to introduce voice and video calls on Android. The Audio and Video Calls feature has already been available for iOS users since October last year, and now the feature is going to be available for Android users. But you need X premium subscription to make calls. You can receive calls for free.

twitter video audio settings android

You can see the Audio and Video Calls option in the settings tab of DM. Users can also control privacy settings from the settings page by selecting from the three options of who can call them: accounts they follow, people in their contact book, verified users, etc. If you want to know more about audio and video calls on X, then you can read more by clicking here.

Will you purchase a premium subscription from X for audio and video calls? Do let us know in the comment box. Also, do tell us whether you like our post or not.


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