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How to Install Stock Nothing OS on Nothing Phone (1) if running Custom ROM

How to Install Stock Nothing OS on Nothing Phone (1) if running Custom ROM

Do you own Nothing Phone (1)? & have Installed Custom Rom? Custom Roms are great but not everyone uses them in the long run. So people start to look at how to downgrade phones back to Stock OS aka Nothing OS. The method is simple just needs a few files. How to Install Stock Nothing OS on Nothing Phone (1) if running Custom ROM.

My name is Ashok, and my YouTube handle is Techibee. In addition to writing blogs for the past four years, I’ve been making videos for YouTube for the past six. Today will tell you guys How to Install Stock Nothing OS on Nothing Phone (1) if running any Custom ROM.

What is Custom ROM?

The most popular mobile operating system in the world is Android. Furthermore, it boasts one of the busiest developer communities. Since Google declared Android open-source, anyone who knows what they’re doing may create their own version of Android since the operating system’s (OS) source code is readily available to developers. This is the reason why the Android OS is different on everything from Google’s Pixel phones to Samsung’s OneUI and Xiaomi’s MIUI. Additionally, it implies that independent developers may produce their own unique versions of Android, or “custom ROMs.” Developers can add new features and functionality to these modified ROMs that aren’t present in stock/vanilla Android.

Install Stock Nothing OS on Nothing Phone (1)

Prerequisite to Install Stock OS on Nothing Phone (1)
Steps to Install Stock Nothing OS on Nothing Phone (1)
  • Once ADB Drivers are Installed place Nothing OS full Zip, Stock Boot Image & Stock Vendor Boot in the ADB folder (Default location of ADB: C:\adb)
  • Open Cmd in the same folder of ADB
  • Connect your device to the PC & Boot the device in Bootloader mode by giving Command: Adb reboot bootloader
  • Once the Device boots into fastboot or Bootloader mode Flash Stock Boot Image & Stock Vendor Boot
  • Command to  Flash Stock Boot Image: fastboot flash boot boot.img
  • Command to  Flash Stock Vendor Boot Image:fastboot flash vendor_boot vendor_boot.img
  • Now reboot the bootloader by giving the command: fastboot reboot fastboot
  • Once the device boots up into fastbootd from here select enter recovery
  • In recovery, select  apply update from ADB
  • Later give the command to Install Stock Nothing OS: adb sideload (NothingOS name).Zip or after typing adb sideload (Drag the Nothing OS zip file in Command prompt & hit enter.
  • Once Installation is completed Format user data  & reboot the device & complete the setup
  • If wants to relock the bootloader follow the below steps
  • Boot devise in fastboot mode: Adb reboot bootloader
  • Once the device boots into fastboot mode give the command: Fastboot flashing lock & Hit enter
  • Select the lock bootloader option on the device
  • The device will perform a factory reset and boot into the System
  • Once booted check for OTA update and update Nothing phone (1) to the latest build.

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