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Instagram’s Threads vs. Twitter: A Clash of Text-Based Conversation Apps



instagram threads vs twitter

The rivalry between social media giants Meta Platforms Inc.’s Instagram and Twitter has intensified with the launch of Threads, a text-based conversation app introduced by Instagram. With over 30 million users joining within its first hours, Threads aims to challenge Twitter’s dominance in the realm of concise, real-time communication. This article will explore the key features of Threads, Twitter, and Instagram, highlighting their similarities and differences.

Comparison between Threads vs Twitter

These are the following features of Threads and Twitter:

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Character Limit:

Threads allow users to express themselves with up to 500 characters, surpassing Twitter’s 280-character limit for unpaid users. However, Twitter’s paid subscribers enjoy an extended character limit of 25,000, providing them with ample space for detailed communication. Instagram, on the other hand, offers a generous 2,200-character limit for posts.

Multiple Accounts:

All three platforms support multiple account usage, allowing users to switch between different profiles seamlessly. This feature enables individuals to manage various personal or professional identities efficiently across all platforms.


As of now, Threads only grants verification to users who are already verified on Instagram. In contrast, Twitter offers verification to its users, albeit through a paid subscription model. Twitter’s verification service requires users to pay $11 per month for mobile access or $14.99 per month for mobile and desktop access.

Deleting Accounts:

Threads allows users to delete their account; however, if the associated Instagram account is deleted, the Threads account is also removed. Both Twitter and Instagram offer account deletion options, providing users with control over their online presence.

Private Account Option:

Privacy-conscious users can opt for a private account setting on all three platforms. This feature restricts the visibility of content to approved followers only, ensuring a more exclusive and secure online experience.

Usage Limits:

Threads does not impose any usage limits at present, allowing users to freely engage in conversations. However, Twitter recently implemented temporary usage limits to mitigate the spread of misinformation and spam. Instagram, for now, has no such usage restrictions in place.

Feed Options:

Threads focus on the main thread of conversations, emphasizing a streamlined approach. Twitter offers various feed options, including trending, chronological, and a feed consisting of content from people who follow you. Instagram’s feed showcases content from the accounts you follow, as well as favorites.

Editable Posts:

While Threads does not permit the editing of posts, Twitter offers this functionality exclusively to its paid subscribers. Instagram allows all users to edit their posts, ensuring flexibility in content sharing.

Direct Messages:

Threads currently lack direct messaging capabilities, which are an integral part of both Twitter and Instagram. Users on both platforms can engage in private conversations with individuals or groups.

Desktop Option:

Threads is primarily available as a mobile application, while Twitter and Instagram cater to both mobile and desktop users. This difference provides Twitter and Instagram users with the flexibility of accessing the platforms across various devices.


Threads, at least for now, remains free from advertisements. In contrast, both Twitter and Instagram monetize their platforms through the inclusion of ads, allowing advertisers to reach their target audience effectively.

Twitter and Instagram embrace the use of hashtags, enabling users to categorize their content and improve discoverability. Threads, however, currently does not support hashtags.

Android/iOS Apps:

All three platforms, Threads, Twitter, and Instagram, are available as applications for both Android and iOS users, catering to a wide range of mobile users.

NSFW Content Allowed:

None of the platforms, Threads, Twitter, or Instagram, permit the posting of explicit or NSFW (Not Safe for Work) content, prioritizing a safe and user-friendly environment.

Final Thoughts about Threads from Instagram

With the introduction of Threads, Instagram ventures into the territory of concise, real-time communication, posing a direct challenge to Twitter. While Threads exhibits certain similarities to Twitter, such as character-limited posts and text-based conversations, it also differentiates itself by incorporating features synonymous with Instagram. The battle for dominance in the social media landscape continues as these platforms evolve and seek to captivate users with unique offerings.

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