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Google Messages RCS Being Abused for Ads in India

Google Messages RCS Being Abused for Ads in India

After years of development, Google finally launched rich communication services (RCS) messaging capabilities for Google Messages in India in 2019 to compete with the likes of WhatsApp and other messaging platforms. In addition to offering different functions, the app also hosts spam. Advertisers in India, according to several user reports, are abusing the functionality to serve unwanted adverts in large volumes. Check out the information below to learn more!

Unwanted Ads Appear in Google Messages

Many companies, including Kotak Mahindra, Bajaj Finserv, PolicyBazaar, and others are abusing the Rich Communication Services (RCS) support in Google Messages to deliver a massive volume of rich media ads to Android users in India, according to a recent report by 9to5Google, citing Indian tipster Ishan Agarwal. Every day, the corporations send out countless adverts to Android users pushing their products and services, which has irritated many users in the country. Agarwal’s tweet is embedded below.

These advertisements aren’t based on the customers’ internet shopping or purchasing habits. Instead, regardless of their digital activities, these random adverts appear on their Google Messages app (the default messaging application on most Android phones). Ads have also been observed to be delivered to smartphones with no active SIM card.

RCS functionality for business messaging, according to Google, allows businesses to transmit copies of users’ flight tickets or product URLs to existing customers via Google Messages. However, Indian advertisers appear to be abusing the feature by bombarding consumers with advertisements, which goes against the grain of what business messages should be like.

According to other sources, India has been receiving similar unwelcome adverts in Google Messages for over a year. For Android users in the country, the number of advertising has only increased over time.

If you’ve seen these annoying advertisements, the only thing you can do is complain or block the companies that are sending them out. One Twitterati responded to Agarwal’s tweet by saying that turning off RCS on Android is the “sole solution.”

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