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YouTube adds new features such as Most Replayed, Video Chapters, and more

YouTube adds new features such as Most Replayed, Video Chapters, and more

YouTube, the video-sharing and social media network based in California has added a slew of new capabilities to its mobile app and browser player. Among the newly introduced features are Most Replayed, Video Chapters, and Seek to Exact Moment. The most replayed feature is especially noteworthy because it now allows users to locate the most popular parts of the film they are watching. Let’s take a closer look at the new features that YouTube has offered.

YouTube’s Newly Launched Features

The Most Replayed feature was formerly available solely to premium users as an experiment. However, the business has now introduced the capability for all app users, whether they are on iOS, Android, or PC. YouTube’s video player now includes a graph that displays the most frequently replayed areas of a video. Viewers can effortlessly go through the entire video using this graph to see the most played areas. To view this graph, YouTube users must navigate the video using the red playback progress bar. The thumbnail over the progress bar will also alert users when they reach the “Most replayed” part. Also read, Google is Testing Ads on YouTube shorts, To compete with TikTok

Regarding other features, YouTube has added Video chapters. For those who are unaware, this segmentation tool was first introduced in May 2020 for Smart TVs and game consoles. Users can utilize YouTube’s Chapter function to skip ahead to a certain point of a video or even revisit it.

YouTube also introduced the Single Loop feature. According to the corporation, the Single Loop function would allow viewers to constantly loop through a single movie. This function is accessible from the same settings menu where you can adjust the video quality, subtitles, and other options. Furthermore, the full-screen mode has been modified to display the video description, video chapters, and comments.

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