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OxygenOS Frequently Asked Questions for March 2023

OxygenOS Frequently Asked Questions for March 2023

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OnePlus has released the latest OxygenOS FAQ for March 2023. This FAQ addresses some of the most commonly asked questions about the operating system, including its features, usage guidelines, product improvements, and build status. Here are some of the key takeaways from the OxygenOS FAQ:

One of the standout features of OxygenOS is the clipboard reminders. This feature allows users to receive timely notifications whenever an app reads their clipboard. This provides an added layer of security for private information, and can be turned on by going to “Settings > Privacy” and selecting “Alert me when apps read the clipboard”.

Another interesting feature of OxygenOS is the System Cloner. This virtual space allows users to create a separate system for apps and data that is independent from the main system. Users can set up a password or fingerprint for the clone, and access it by entering the corresponding password or fingerprint from the lock screen.

The FAQ also addresses some common issues that users may encounter, such as flickering in the Message app and difficulty exiting the drawer mode. OnePlus has identified the root causes of these issues and is working on fixes, which will be included in future updates.

Additionally, the FAQ responds to user feedback and suggestions by introducing new features, such as the “Media output” option in the Control Center to switch between Bluetooth and speakers. Users can also remove sensitive information from photos by going to the settings page of the Photos app or selecting “Privacy protection” when sharing photos or videos.

Finally, the TalkBack feature is highlighted in the FAQ, which provides spoken feedback for users who are unable to look at the screen. Users can enable this feature via “Settings > Additional settings > Accessibility > Vision > TalkBack”. However, note that some features such as screenshots and split screen will be disabled when TalkBack is enabled.

Overall, the OxygenOS FAQ for March 2023 provides useful information and insights into the operating system, addressing many common questions and concerns. Users can expect to see ongoing improvements and updates from OnePlus as they continue to refine and optimize OxygenOS.

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